Tuesday, January 27, 2009

keeping up with the news

sweet sleep

So Eli's sleeping at night has been getting progressively worse over the past few months. For most of the last month I had been up every three hours with him during the night, if not more often. I was EXHAUSTED and at the end of my rope. After a long, tearful email (I cried as I wrote it) to our pediatrician from Orange County and a subsequent phone call, we decided it was time for Operation Sleep to begin. Dr. Ball assured me that Eli is NOT hungry that often and that by rocking him before he goes to sleep (although we don't rock him to sleep) we were teaching him to depend on the rocking to be soothed to sleep so when he woke up in the night he was wanting that rocking again to get back to sleep. He told me that it was time to move Jayden out of the room and just let Eli go back to sleep when he woke up. So Saturday night Jayden went down to bed upstairs in the Pack N Play and Operation Sleep began. It was a long night, full of a lot of waking and crying but then Sunday night he slept all the way through the night without making a peep once. Same thing last night!! Wahoo!!! We couldn't believe a couple things: 1) how hard Saturday night was and 2) how quickly it worked.

Dr. Ball, if you ever check in on our blog, thank you so much!!!

Here's a picture of our new champion sleeper!!

brotherly love

Thursday, January 22, 2009

musical jungle...yay!!

Eli LOVES his Christmas present from Grandma Gayle and Grandpa Roger!! He says, "Thank you!!"

so cute it just melts the heart

"I don't feel good"

We love Jeff!!

Jeff came for a visit the other day. Well he came to pick up his futon he let us borrow...but all the same, it was great to see him! Here he is loving on the boys!

a boy and his bear...again!!

So now Jayden thinks he is supposed to sit against the wall every time he has his bear. Ha ha ha. So here's some more pics of the cuteness.

Monday, January 19, 2009



Time goes too fast, my sweet Jayden boy. I fear I wished away some of your sweet months as a little babe in anticipation of more sleep or more...something. Now how I wish I could go back and savor them a little more, or soak in your baby smells and baby smiles more fully. You're turning into a little boy before my eyes, full of more and more independence, more and more words, more and more of you and who you will become everyday. I cherish the times where you will still snuggle up to me, still lay your head on my shoulder for comfort and closeness. Don't grow too fast, little boy. I love you!

4 years and 2 kids later...still in love!!

Dan and I went out on Saturday night for our first date in a long time. Our anniversary present from both sets of parents was dinner out (one set paid, the other did childcare). We had such a nice time!! I love you honey!

This shot was actually taken back in August, when Eli was 1 month old. Lyndsey was in town and my mom let us escape for a quick walk on the beach after Jayden went to bed and Eli was snoozing in her arms!! I love this shot. Thanks, Lynds!

almost on the move!!

Eli, all of the sudden, is working on crawling! The kid just turned 6 months last week!! He was up on all fours numerous times yesterday!! So check out this video. Please ignore my ANNOYING voice and laughter. Also, note the nice snapshot into life with two under two. We spend our days protecting Eli from Jayden's "love" for him. A quick disclaimer...there is some puking at the end of the video...its a good record of our little reflux babies. We figure this video is a good companion to the video of Jayden you can see here

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

such a little man!

After the rice cereal incident we took off Jayden's shirt...and he started playing with his lawnmower...we thought he looked like such the typical man..shirt off, mowing the lawn. Ha ha.

6 month check-up!

We took Eli for his 6 month check up today. Here are the stats:

Weight: 16 pounds, 13 ounces (just below 50th percentile)
Height: 26 1/4 inches (also just below the 50th percentile)
Head circumference: 17 inches (also just below the 50th percentile)

All in all, he did great. He got three shots and barely fussed. After his 2 month and 4 month shots, he was super fussy and had a fever. Today, though, he was fine for the most part. Yay!!

finally....some solid food!!

Eli got his first taste of solid food today!!!

Waiting in breathless anticipation...

The first bite...

Daddy taking a turn with the feeding..

Jayden found himself insanely jealous of Eli's food...so we gave him some too, thinking he would hate it. Here was the result!

Eli also LOVED the rice cereal so much we had to make a second helping. Here's hoping it will help with the sleep at night...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Our flight home didn't go quite as well as the flight there. But we survived and we're home in one piece. PHEW!!

Jayden decided to boycot his nap on the plane...so he ate Oreos and watched Baby Einstein!!

And Eli chilled with Daddy...he is now fully a binky kid...can't leave home without it! :)

a boy, a broom, and just his diaper for clothing!!

The Trumans....they are awesome!!

Our original reason for this trip to Seattle was to meet Titus, Brian and Rebekah's son. I've known Brian since I was 11. Anyway, Titus was born last March and our trip was planned for May. But since I got put on bedrest our trip was delayed. So now Titus is almost 10 months old!! But we got to spend a few days hanging out with the Trumans and enjoying all three boys in one house! I think it went quite well actually (not sure what Brian and Rebekah would say...you'll have to ask them)!

While we were there, Dan snapped some family photos for a belated Christmas card for them to send out!! This is my personal favorite!

This can just be titled, "Just Be Beautiful." Its a long story that's hard to explain but just trust me, its funny!!

And here they are just being cute!!

We love you guys!! Thanks for putting up with the insanity!

Uncle Ken...YAY!!

While we were in Seattle, Uncle Ken (Daddy's brother) drove up from Oregon, where he lives, to see us. This was his first time meeting Eli! Gina, his girlfriend, also came and it was great to meet her!!

Uncle Ken and Eli

The brothers (hard to believe they're twins, huh?)

Ken and Gina...cuteness!!

We love Mark and Lyndsey!!

Our first four days of our trip to Seattle were spent at Mark and Lyndsey's!! We had a BLAST! Thanks so much guys! We love you!

Lynds and the boys!!

Mark and Lyndsey have a HUGE beanbag nicknamed "The Cozy Spot"!! Here are the boys enjoying it!

And, finally...Sarah and Lynds...bestest buddies!!

I know Mark is not pictured...but I promise you he exists!! Hee hee.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

6 months!!!

In a short three hours and fifteen minutes, sweet little Eli will be six months old! I cannot believe it. Half a year. We have survived half a year. The worst is over. Ha ha. But seriously, I am amazed that our little guy has grown so much and so quickly. Our precious boy works his way into our hearts more and more every day. Watching his little personality and disposition develop is such a privilege! He seems to be more pensive, mellow, and serious than his brother. And he is a TOTAL Mama's boy. When Jayden was this age, he was happy as long as SOMEONE was around. Eli wants me around most of the time! Its quite endearing!

Here is what he is up to these days:
  • wearing mostly 6-9 month clothing now. his 6 month sized sleepers are getting too small so we'll be moving him to 9 month ones when we get home. crazy!!
  • in size 3 diapers when he's in disposables. in medium bumGenius cloth diapers.
  • sitting up like a champ
  • rolling all around still
  • taking three naps a day- morning, early afternoon, and late afternoon
  • nights are not so great. we are not sure what to do. he has a nice early bedtime, he takes good naps, and he still wakes up 3-4 hours after going down and doesn't go back to sleep unless I go get him. i think it may be habitual waking at this point..so once we're home Jayden is moving to the office for a few nights while we let Eli cry. i don't like the thought of this but i am DESPERATE for sleep. it would be one thing if that was the only time he was up at night..but no. he's up then and then once or twice more. anyone who has any input, i welcome it.
  • he is full of smiles and laughs these days
  • discovering his world and reaching for everything. he is interested in his world so much more
  • once we're home from vacation he'll be starting on rice cereal
  • i am happy to say he has been exclusively breastfed for 6 months now!! its all downhill from here! woo-hoo!!
  • we see the doc next Wednesday so i'll update with his stats then
Here are some pics we took today in case we don't get around to it tomorrow!

Oh I am SO in love!!!

Daddy and Eli

How precious is this picture? We have a picture just like this of Dan and Jayden but I need to find it before I can post it for a comparison. :)

Daddy's Boys

can you say TIRED?

This is how we found Jayden the morning his aunt, uncle, and cousins left!! All that playing tuckered him out. He's not really asleep but for a boy who spends most of his mornings running around like a crazy person, this is a rare occurence!!

a few pictures from Seattle...

So we've been spending a lot of time inside as it is COLD and rainy here most of the time. Most outings have been centered around food or coffee, which is fine with me. Today we visited Top Pot Doughnuts. SO tasty!! So here are a few pics of the last couple days hanging out at the Freises!!

Mark and Lyndsey's house has stairs and since they don't have a gate on them (why would they? :) ) Jayden is loving being able to go up and down all the time! Here he is on the stairs.

Mark and Lyndsey also have a stick that helps lock their sliding door. Jayden loves that as well!

Today our friend Desiree ("D") is here from Canada which is so great. She made the drive just for us. Such a treat!! On Saturday we head to West Seattle to spend some time with Brian, Rebekah, and baby Titus. Can't wait!! While we're there, we're also going to get a visit from Uncle Ken. So fun!! Its been a great trip so far. Jayden has been sleeping like a champ. Asleep before 7 last night and asleep till almost 8 this morning!! Eli had a horrible night last night but has been napping better today so we're hoping for some improvement!!

We'll be posting pics as we take them!!