Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thanksgiving...we're a holiday behind. :)

Ok so here are pictures from our trip to Bend for Thanksgiving...FINALLY!!! Christmas pics are coming. :)

Here's all three of us in the airport waiting to board our plane. Jayden is asleep. Note the hand over the ear to keep out the noise!! :)

This next one is quite possibly the best picture of jayden ever taken (thanks Grandma Dottie!!). That's avocado all over his face. Note his CUTE CUTE bib!!!

This one is just cute...all bundled u p, ready to brave the cold!!

Here's Daddy and Jayden ready to head outside!!!

Here's Jayden's cousin, Everett, holding him. Everett LOVES Jayden and the feeling is mutual. They are too cute together!!!

Speaking of Everett, here's him sound asleep. We love him!!!

Speaking of children we love, this is Eleni, our niece. She's 2 and BEAUTIFUL.
And last but DEFINITELY not least, here's Owen. He's 6 and....well, there just aren't enough words sometimes to describe how wonderful he is.

And here are the parents of all these wonderful children. We love them, too!!!

And one final picture of jayden. This is the first time he held onto something and stood on his own. So proud!!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Well it has been almost a month since we posted something on here!! Life has been crazy. November included three tips to Los Angeles for multiple birthdays and an anniversary (ours, 3 years!!), and a trip to Bend, OR to see Sam, Andrea, and Jayden's little cousins. All a lot of fun but boy are we happy to be home to stay for awhile. Jayden was a trooper as usual and even stayed with grandma dottie for two days while we went out of town for our anniversary and some much needed sleep. :)

Jayden had his 6 month check up last week. He weighed at a not so whopping 14 pounds, 10 ounces (that's the 25th percentile) and is quite the long skinny dude, measuring 26.2 inches (76th percentile!). He has started solid food (pictured below) and likes it for the most part. He is growing up so fast, we can't believe it. He's got sitting up mastered and is doing it for longer and longer periods of time before tumbling over. He has started napping like a champ (is currently finishing up an almost 3 hour nap!), and his nights are alright. If you feel like praying for something, pray for him to start sleeping through the night again. Mommy is tired!!

Here's a couple recent pics. We're waiting on more from grandma since she took the majority of the shots in Oregon. The picture next to Jayden in this top one is of me (Sarah) as a baby. Uncanny, huh? Then the next one is of his first experience with solid food. Then two more grandma dottie took while we were in Solvang for our anniversary. Gorgeous!!