Sunday, September 27, 2009

cause I just can't get enough....

So here are some more pictures of Eli. I know, I know, I'm obsessed. I am finding that I LOVE this age, though. I just delight in his little toddling, his giggles, his emerging speech. I was realizing the other day (well, today, actually) that I kind of missed out on this age with Jayden. Cause I was too busy nursing THIS kid.

When Jayden was the age Eli is now, Eli was a mere one month old. So I am just soaking up every little bit of Eli's 14-month-old charm. We won't have another kid this age for quite some time (if all goes according to plan) so I am cherishing this phase where Eli is straddling the line between baby and little boy. And in an effort to record this precious stage, I took a few shots of him the other day on the porch.

Continuing to experiment with my photoshop type skills. :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

if we lived in the woods....

this is what all our pictures might look like!!

P.S. This is actually our backyard. The pictures just looked so woodsy, and so NOT like we live in the city (which of course, we do) that I had to laugh.


Look what Jayden found today! :)

Much different than THIS, eh? :)

The funny thing is, he only liked pacis till he was 2 months old and then NO MORE. So it was funny, and seemed so out of place, to even see one in his mouth today! :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Big Bear....finally!!!

Yes, yes, I know we've been back from our little mini-vacation for over a week and I'm just now getting around to posting about it. What can I say? Oh, that's right. I have two CRAZY toddler boys to chase around all day long (and clean up after). :)

Well our trip began Wednesday afternoon, Sept 2nd. We set off at nap time, hoping our sweet little boys would be lulled to sleep by the nice noise of the freeway and the lullaby music on the radio. NO SUCH LUCK. Both little stinkers stayed awake the ENTIRE drive to Big Bear. And Eli capped off his performance by throwing up three times on the drive. What a way to start the trip, huh? Don't you fret. It only gets better from here!

So we FINALLY arrived at the cabin. We unloaded stuff so Eli could nap (he will self-destruct if he doesn't sleep SOME in the afternoon) and put him down in his Pack N Play where he promptly knocked out. Off Jayden and Dan went to the store to grocery shop.

Now, a couple days before we went up there Dan's dad had let him know we might need to have a plumber come out to check on the water heater. Didn't seem like a big deal. So the plumber arrived while Dan and Jayden were at the store. So here we are in the mountains, calling a plumber. What would you expect? A middle aged or older man, maybe a little know, your stereotypical plumber. Yeah, not so much. We got a pimple-faced twenty year old. It was so strange!! He examined everything and concluded that we had a clog in the gas line and we wouldn't have heat or hot water until the next day, when "the propane guy" could come out to take a look. WHAT?!!?!

So at this point we realize it very well could get quite cold in the night and we probably shouldn't stay. Now, let me share with you that by this time, the boys had eaten dinner and were needing baths and bed- FAST!! So here we are, bedtime approaching, realizing we can't stay at the cabin that night. Dan got on the phone to our timeshare company and booked us into their Big Bear location that night. Praise God!! But everything had been unloaded. So we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off, packing up everything, loading the boys up, etc. We got out the door in under 20 minutes! We are awesome! We arrived at the timeshare, which was AWESOME and checked into our spacious three-bedroom apartment, number 163.

We bathed the boys and put them to bed. Dan and I then had a few drinks, relaxed, and watched a movie. We passed out around 10 only to be woken up by Jayden in the middle of the night. He woke up and was terrified. So after a long hour or so with him, he went back to sleep and so did we.

The next morning we packed up AGAIN (although I did get to go run at the fitness center that morning which was AWESOME) and headed back to the cabin.

But not before Dan and Jayden did a little playing outside (how cute do they look in this first one?).

"The propane guy" came and said, "Well, it would help if your propane tank was ON. Did you pay this plumber?" So thankfully nothing was wrong at all and he didn't even charge for the visit. That afternoon, Jayden decided he had enough change in routine and was NOT going to nap. So Dan loaded him up in the car. He was asleep in under 5 minutes and Dan proceeded to drive around the lake for an hour and a half. Ha ha ha.

The rest of our vacation proceeded nicely, complete with trips down to the lake and a trip to the zoo. Dan's parents (a.k.a. Oma and Opa) met us up there Friday night. They also watched the boys almost all day Saturday while Dan and I headed down the hill for a wedding in Palm Desert. It was so nice to get some time away together! Thanks, Oma and Opa. And, the boys did great while we were gone and even napped well. Wahoo!

Without further adeiu, here are some pics of the trip!

Eli whapped his head on something, which is somewhat common these days. The boy is a daredevil and feels NO pain, it seems.

The beautiful lake

And our beautiful firstborn

When my mom saw this one of Jayden, she said, "He looks about four in this!"

Eli wanted to go in the water. In his clothes. He can't swim. Did I mention he's a daredevil?

And one final one of Jayden being silly after his shower one night.

And just so you know we were all's a great family pic Dan's mom shot of us! Thanks, Oma!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

we're alive!!

I know, I know, its been forever since I updated. The reason? Well, we went on vacation! To a place with no internet, believe it or not. These places DO still exist.

Pretty much the second we got home Dan started back to school so we've been busy settling into life changing like crazy (this is a nice way of saying that I have totally panicked and have been trying to keep some semblance of control).

Anyway, I will post pics and details of our fun vacation soon. But, for now, check out THESE cute faces!!!