Monday, March 12, 2007

Our first shower!!

So we had our first shower this weekend!! We wanted to do a co-ed one so our cool couple friends could be invited, and also our guy friends. We had a great time and it was a super fun shower (thanks, Mom!). We got some really nice presents and had fun putting them away this weekend. Everyone who was there, thanks so much! Here's some pics! Enjoy.

This is us with some cute stuff the Dawsons got us! Thanks guys. :)

This is Dan and Scot being rowdy!! Some things never change, huh, boys?

Here's our crazy friends who we love so much and have known forever!!

And here's Sarah and her Mom being cute!

And here's one pic of some of our fun presents we got!

Thanks so much everyone! We loved all the gifts!

No big updates pregnancy wise. We saw the doctor last week, everything looks great. We go see her every two weeks now...and we're almost 30 weeks pregnant, which means we're 75% of the way there! Crazy!!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jayden is coming!!!!

Welcome to our Jayden blog!!! As most of you know, we are having a baby! Its a boy, we are naming him Jayden Matthew, and he is due at the end of May! We've actually meant to get this up and running for quite some time but...well, we haven't! :) So now we are!! We are including a myriad of ultrasound pictures we have from the pregnancy on here, so enjoy! Our hope is that we will continue to update this as the pregnancy progresses, and then once Jayden arrives, it will be a great way to share pics of him and for everyone to know how he's doing.
Here's one of our first shots of him at 9 weeks!
Here he is at 21 weeks!

Here's the one that reveals he is definitely baby BOY Stephens!! :)

Here's Sarah's belly at 23 weeks!

And finally, here's a 3D shot of Jayden at 27 weeks!! We think he is so cute!!

Please keep checking back! We will post as often are there are things to post about. Sarah will try not to bore you with details of her frequent bathroom trips, or how fascinating her expanding belly is!! We have showers coming up and will post pics from those! We got his crib set up this past weekend (thanks, Uncle Matthew!) and will try to post pics of his room as it gets finished. Thanks for celebrating with us!! :)