Monday, February 07, 2011

I'm a bad blogger

Sorry sorry sorry to everyone for being SUCH a bad blogger since we returned from Scotland. I could blame it on being too busy, or on the fact that we don't have anything exciting going on...but in reality that isn't true. The truth is that I'm just lazy. And I haven't charged my camera battery in about one million years (or about 3 weeks, take your pick).

The truth? We've got lots of stuff going on. Dan FINALLY finished school for real, turning in over 300 pages of writing about our time in Scotland. He is now in the thick of the job hunt and has a few interesting leads that we are thinking and praying through. Our other big news is that we are done with diapers in our house!!!! We took the plunge and potty trained Eli and the smart little child had it down in like two days! Amazing. While we will welcome diapers into our house again once we add another child to our family, we are happy for a break after almost four years of them!

Let's see..what else? Steph and I ran a 5k a couple weeks ago. Planning on running another one again in March. Loving the running, loving the getting back in shape.

I think that's all for now. I promise to update with more pics soon but for now, here's a shot from soon after we returned from Scotland (as you can tell by the Christmas lights).
It was taken with Dan's phone (and through the screen) so sorry the quality isn't great but I thought they were being so precious. And on that note, I guess the other exciting thing here is (at least for me) that Dan and I both got brand new iPhones this past weekend!! Fun fun. Thanks Dan's mom and dad! (a.k.a. Oma and Opa)

That's all, be back soon, I promise!!