Friday, April 27, 2007

a free woman!!

Hey everyone!!! So here's a recent belly shot. Getting bigger by the day!! This isn't the best shot but its something!! :)

As of this last Friday, the doctor took Sarah off to work due to her blood pressure being elevated. So while she is ECSTATIC to be done with work, it means going in twice weekly to check amniotic fluid levels and for Jayden to be monitored. So far, he has passed with flying colors and should be good to stay in there for awhile. :) We like that plan. So please pray that with the resting and everything, the blood pressure will continue to stay down and Jayden can "cook" in there until he's good and ready to come out.

We'll update you with more info as we have it. Have a great day and thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Jayden's room!!

Hey all! We've been working on getting little Jayden's room ready. Two weekends ago was deemed "Jayden prep weekend" and we got a lot done! His crib is completely ready for him to sleep in, his name is on the wall, Sarah's mom helped her put up the wallpaper border a couple weekends before all this...we are so excited things are starting to take shape!! All we really need now is a changing table/dresser so we can get his diapers, wipes, etc. put away and some of his clothes too!! So here are some fun shots!!

Here's a picture of the letters hanging on his wall:
And here's a shot of the crib 100% done and ready for him:

And here's a shot of his SUPER cute comforter that we both just LOVE!! :)

We can't believe his due date is only 7 weeks away now. And since he could come up to two weeks early, that means he could be here in FIVE weeks. WOW WOW WOW!!! We are so excited, though! Thanks for sharing in our joy! :) Oh and if you haven't made a guess about his arrival day, weight, length, etc. go for it. Here's the link:
We love you all, thanks for reading!!