Sunday, November 30, 2008

4 months

So I am SUPER late with this but Eli is four months old, soon to be five!!!!

His stats at the doctor:
15lbs, 2 ounces (50th percentile)
25.5 inches (50th percentile)
16 inch head circumference (just below 50th percentile)

He got two shots and did well with both of them. The doctor said he's in good health and we should see some relief from the reflux soon. That would be wonderful!!

Here's what he's up to recently:

-he is now rolling both ways and loving it! although he still rolls onto his tummy and gets frustrated, forgetting he can roll back.
- working on sitting up (see pics below)
-gaining a voice. he gets REALLY loud sometimes, just yelling for no reason.
-sleep is an interesting topic. he has now started putting himself to sleep for naps and bedtime. so his naps are better. however, his nights are terrible. the last three nights he's been up every three hours and demands to eat. maybe a growth spurt, maybe a sleep regression, maybe his idea of mommy torture. so we've moved his bedtime earlier and we're hoping to see some improvement.

Here are a couple pics.

Aren't his ears amazing?!?!? We love them!

Mama love!!

Jayden is in quite an intense Mama's boy phase. I can't leave the room without him crying. Cute and problematic all at once! Jayden has also started giving very sweet kisses!!!

Here is a rare shot of me and both the boys. Pardon the rough appearance. I was still recovering from the flu.

a Thanksgiving case of the sickies!

Our family decided to celebrate the long Thanksgiving weekend by getting the stomach flu. It started on Monday when Jayden spent the whole day throwing up. Then Tuesday mommy, daddy, and Stephanie got it. Sometime during the night Grandma Gayle got it (after coming over Monday and Tuesday to help the sickies!), Wednesday Grandma Dottie got it and Friday Grandpa Phil got it. Needless to say, we did not eat our Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving.

Here are the boys on the couch, laying around, recovering. Well, Jayden at least. We realized that we really wouldn't know if Eli had the stomach flu since he spits up all the time anyway. hee hee.

We finally celebrated tonight (Sunday). Here's Eli at his first Thanksgiving. He celebrated with a hearty meal of breastmilk!

18 months!!

Jayden is 18 months! Holy smokes. Where has the time gone? It feels like yesterday i was posting about his 1st birthday and now we're halfway to two! We have yet to go for his 18 month check-up (the whole house got a case of the sickies, see other post) but for now, here's what he's up to!!!

-talking up a storm!!!! he comes out with new words everyday. I don't even think I can attempt an exhaustive list so I'll just share some of his newest ones. Here they are: radio, careful, cold, shoes, toes, juice, milk, thank you, Matthew, go, car, hot, cookie, pelican, hormone (don't ask). But the best one yet..."I love you." I was telling him I love him when we were getting ready for his bath one night and he all of the sudden just said, "I love you!" Melts the heart!
That's all i can think of for now
-still sleeping well at night. taking one nap. some days three hours, some days an hour and a half. we like the three hour ones!!
-wearing 18 month clothing and some 2t
-when he wears disposable diapers, he's still a size 4. mostly he's a cloth diapered babe, though!
- he has now started climbing everything in sight, ushering in a whole new era in our house. nothing is safe!
-we are seeing more and more of the "terrible twos" behavior. he cries hysterically when he doesn't get what he wants and has even thrown himself on the ground a few times. we're keeping consistent and firm though.
-in general, Jayden is a happy, happy little toddler who fills our lives with laughter. he is charming, funny, and LOVES attention.

Here's a couple pics for your enjoyment. We don't have any pictures on his actual 18 month birthday cause he spent the day throwing up. :( But this is as close as we can get!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

two handsome guys!

new cute outfit!

sweet boys

Pluto the Dog and a hot dog

Our Halloween costume theme this year, although unintentional, was dogs!! Here are our two boys dressed up!

pumpkin carving....

Yes I know Halloween was almost three weeks ago. But when you have two kids under two, there's a lot to get done. And sometimes blogging slips between the cracks!!! Jayden and I carved a pumpkin on Halloween. He enjoyed digging out "the guts." :)


Now that Jayden as taken to feeding himself entirely and is trying to master utensils, meals are.....well, an adventure. And by adventure, I mean MESSY!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

17 months!!

So Jayden turned 17 months old a couple weeks ago now. Sorry I'm so behind with the blogging!!! The months fly by. The biggest change around here in regards to Jayden is that he is adding new words to his vocabulary everyday. Let's see if i can list them all: dog, kitty, Jakey, Grace (GACE!), grandma (ga-ga), Mama, Dada, Papa, Boppa, Stephanie (ne-knee), Oma, birdie, brown bear, baby, Eli (eye-lie), trash truck, airplane, french toast, banana (nana), juice, thank you, please, bath, diaper, night night, light, car, shoes, Rogers (ra-ra), outside, off, on, no (although not used in defiance, thankfully), cracker, ball, bubbles, and hot. I might be missing a couple. But he is quite the little talker. Still sleeping 11-12 hours at night. Takes one long nap. In a lot of 24 month clothing, which is hard to believe. He is very tall so he needs the 24 month pants but they're often big in the waist. Eats like crazy.

Oh, our other big Jayden news is that he seats in a booster seat at the table now. he loves it!!! More mess to clean but he was getting too big for the highchair!!!

One more big item. He has THREE new teeth. He was drooling like crazy for weeks and then he opened his mouth one day and BAM three new teeth. Two 15-month old molars and one new bottom tooth. That makes 6 top teeth and three bottom teeth. Silly boy.

Ok, I was wrong, there was more to update than I thought!!

Pluto the Dog!!!

Jayden was Pluto the Dog for Halloween. On Tuesday he dressed up for Mommy and Me class. Here he is all ready to go!!!

We go to Mommy and Me with Jayden's bestest buddy Jake and his mommy. Here's Jake as Scooby Doo!!

More pics to come of actual Halloween!!!