Saturday, January 26, 2008

a boy and his bear

Thursday, January 24, 2008

crawling crawling EVERYWHERE

So Jayden is crawling crawling crawling. And is EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING!!! It is so fun to watch him explore his world. So we thought we'd let you all take a peek too. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

just some fun shots!

So Jayden seems to get bigger everyday! Although he seemed small next to the 3 week old at church today who weighs just 3 1/2 pounds less than him! Our little peanut...we love him! He is now really crawling. We have a video that would be posted here but the video camera is in his room. And he's SLEEPING! :) But here are some fun pics from the last month or so taken by his Grandma Dottie. We think he is just TOO cute!!!

In his highchair!

Taking after Mommy already!! But, seriously, the kid loves music and loves it when I sing to him...he'll learn! :)

This is his new smile. We rarely see the wide mouthed classic baby smile these days. Just this gummy grin now. Well, gummy with one tooth (still no second tooth!). So adorable.

This one is just....well, proving me wrong. There's the big open-mouthed smile!! :")

And this one is just him making a funny face.

Jayden will be 8 months old on Thursday which is hard to believe...the time really does fly. The new one will be here before we know it. :)

Love to you all!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

he once was so tiny....where did the time go?

So we put Jayden in a shirt I've been waiting MONTHS to put him in. So cute. Thanks Beth, Derek, Emily, Bob, and Nancy!!! He looked super cute. So I took some pics. And I was going through old pics to frame on the wall and look at how tiny our little guy was!!! Amazing. And now he is so big, getting teeth, crawling. Time flies!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

we are on the move!!

So Jayden is crawling...ALMOST. He is definitely mobile. Check it out!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mommy's boy

There are no words to describe how much you love your child, the bond you feel. I love Jayden so much it almost hurts me.

Jayden, my sweet boy, I hope one day you will know how loved you me, by Daddy, by Jesus. You are more precious to us than we ever could have imagined. We wake up excited for our days cause you fill them with such joy and laughter. We lay in bed at night talking about how amazing you are. You and your little life have changed ours forever...for the much for the better. We look forward with anticipation to raising you and spending years as your parents. We can't hug you enough, or kiss you enough, or tell you we love you too many times. You are our sweet boy....forever!!!

bath time!

my shoes and overalls

Jayden donned his cute overalls for the first time the other day and also wore shoes for the first time!!!
Here are some pics! SO SO cute. :)

I love my daddy

Every day when Dan gets home, Jayden lights up like a firecracker. He LOVES his daddy. But, seriously who wouldn't? So we'll call these pictures, "I love my daddy"

my Grandma Dottie wrote a book!!

Hey everyone!! My grandma Dottie wrote a book!! Its about kitties, one of my favorite things. The name of the book is Purrables: Devotions for Cat Lovers. You should check it out and tell your friends. Here's a picture of my grandma Dottie with her new book. :)

Oh and you can order it on Amazon!!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

new additions to our family!!!

Well we have some new things/people joining our family these days!!!

First, Jayden is getting his first tooth! Wahoo!!! Very exciting. He has been drooling and biting everything since he was like 4 months old so its ABOUT time. Goodness!!! But today he opened his mouth, I looked in, and I could see it, right under the gums. I can feel the sharp edge too. I bet its here by the end of the day! :)

Second, as most of you know...yes, we are expecting another baby!!! A total surprise, but of course a blessing, especially with how hard it was to conceive Jayden. We are due in July. Here's our first glimpse. Our blog may have to get renamed. :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas...a week and a half later!!

Happy New Year!! Here are some pics from Christmas, and a video of him opening his first Christmas present. SO cute!! Pardon the voices in the background. We truly do make fools of ourselves for our kids, eh? :)

This is Jayden with Kate, who is my cousin's daughter (does that make them second cousins?).

Here's Jayden getting his bottle, and Mommy and Daddy talking. We don't look very happy, but I think we were just talking. I don't remember the exact moment!!

Jayden is not pictured here but this is me, my cousin Paul, and his daughter Kate. We got incredibly engrossed in a puzzle and couldn't stop! So here's us with the finished product.

And here's an ADORABLE one of Jayden on Christmas morning.

And here's the video. Too cute!