Sunday, June 29, 2008

smiles and laughs

Jayden fills our days with smiles and laughter...he is such a happy boy!

38 weeks pregnant!

So here we are. After all that bedrest, all the contractions, hospital visits, etc. We are full-term and waiting on sweet little Eli now. Ha ha. Life is funny. Yesterday was the 38 week mark which means he could come any day now!!

Yesterday my mom took some pictures of my GINORMOUS belly. I've been told multiple times I am carrying much more out front than I did with Jayden. I think its true, esp. after these pictures. My brothers are 10 months apart and my mom talks all the time lately about remembering holding Sam on top of her 9 month pregnant belly. So she wanted to get some shots of Jayden "on top" of Eli. Hee hee.

And, for once, a picture of me I love! :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

13 months old!!

Jayden is 13 months old today. This freaks me out for a few different reasons. One, when we find out we were pregnant with Eli all those months ago, I remember saying to Dan while we sat in the ER in shock, "Jayden will be 13 months old when the new baby is born." That seemed SO far away then, and it seemed so old. Jayden is still a baby in so many ways, which means I will soon have two (yes I hear all my twin mommy friends now, chuckling away). Also, 13 months old sounds old to me at the same time. Where has my tiny baby gone? Who is this person that is walking, talking, interacting with his world, becoming more independent everyday? Some days I long for the times when he would sleep on my chest while I watched movies or napped myself. These days go by so fast!! So fast. I just want to soak them all up. Especially right now, while its still just me and Jayden a lot of the time. I want to pour my time into being with him, loving him, savoring our precious moments together. I never knew you could love like this, or this much. He is so incredible!!! So Happy 13 months, sweet boy!!!

Here are the cool things he is doing:
-walking!!! finally, he seems to prefer it over crawling. he's not great it yet and tends to tip forward a lot. but he'll promptly crawl over to something else and pull up and walk again. it is so fun to watch!!!
-talking like CRAZY. his current words are: mama/mom, daddy, hi, bye, kittie (keeeeeeeey), balloon (ba-oon!), all done, Jayden (this is SO cute), light, fan, ball, birdie, gram (we think that's what we heard a few times). he also repeats all sorts of things we say. its adorable!!
-learning to use a spoon to feed himself (see post below)
- eating all sorts of big people food. he had cream of chicken soup at Souplantation last night and LOVED it. his favorites are: raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, kidney beans, and peanut butter and jelly
-sleeps between 11 and 12 hours a night
- most days takes two naps but in the process of dropping one, we think. if he sleeps too late for his morning nap, he refuses his afternoon one and then is Cranky McCranky Pants by bedtime. so we'll see how this evolves over the next few weeks. as i type this, he is playing in his crib instead of napping :)
-climbing stairs like a champ. he LOVES the stairs and gets very sad when the gate is up and no one will follow him up.


Jayden is really growing hair now!!!

It is still quite a bit longer in the back but is much longer on the sides and on top now. Definitely looks it will be strawberry blonde!!!


So Jayden's favorite part of living at Grandma and Grandpa Adams' house is the KITTIES!!! He is obsessed with them. He has kitty radar and the minute he sees even a glimpse of them, he points and says, "Keeeeeyyyy!!" He doesn't quite know how to be gentle with them yet but we're working on it. My mom has a stuffed kitty that she let him play with. Here is his love of kitties directed at a stuffed one. Too cute!!!

using a spoon!!

Jayden has recently started trying to feed himself with his spoon during breakfast or snacks. So far he has been most successful with applesauce and cottage cheese. Yogurt is still a little tricky for him cause its runny. So here are some shots of his super cool new trick!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day to all fathers in every form out there. We had a good day today. Daddy got to sleep in, which he was very excited about. We were planning on going to church but Jayden woke up with a tummyache and followed it up with a puking episode. So we stayed home. Later on we went to lunch as a little family. This evening, Grandpa Roger and Grandma Gayle came over for dinner. Daddy cooked a TASTY meal. Why did he cook his own Father's Day dinner, you ask? Cause he loves to cook. He enjoys cooking more than being cooked for.

Anyway, onto pictures. We stole a bunch of pictures off Grandma Gayle's camera tonight. So here is another random assortment of pictures from the past few months.

Jayden and his Uncle Ken. We're sad he lives far away and we don't see him more. :(

Looking cute cute cute!!

Finally a picture of Jayden's flirt move. This is what he does when he wants us to think he is SUPER cute. Needless to say, it works!

There are a few people in the world outside of his family that Jayden has a special place in his heart for. This is one of them...Suzy (check out her blog here). Check out the way he is looking at her. We miss you, Suzy!

This is at Jayden's party. He is walking towards Jeff. I love this picture!

Friday, June 13, 2008

we have some walking!!!

Jayden is taking some steps. He definitely still prefers crawling but is experimenting with the walking. Here's a fun video of him with Daddy and Stephanie!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

still here...and a random assortment of Jayden pictures!!

Hey all!! We are still here. Life is just INSANE right now trying to get settled after the big move. So many boxes, so little time.

Jayden updates:
- he now has five teeth and seems to be working on #6. This last tooth was a doozy and we were so glad when it finally cut!
- still not walking. He has taken a few steps but for the most part is showing no interest in this milestone. Oh well. He is quite the fast crawler so that will do for now!
- he seems to be settling into his new digs well and is sleeping like a champion.
- he is terrified of his new toy, the "Busy Ball Popper" by Playskool. Just a glimpse at it requires 5 minutes of snuggles and soothing. We're not sure why it scares him but it does.

I am writing this entry from my mom's computer, where thousands of Jayden pictures reside, some of which I haven't seen. So here is an assortment of never before seen Jayden shots. Enjoy!!

Itty bitty Jayden (that jacket is 0-3 month size I believe)

An example of his tongue phase

Back when his playmat was good entertainment and not just something to crawl through

His lovey before it became his sleep companion. So bright and shiny!

Jayden and Grandma Dottie (a rare shot as most pics are taken by Grandma Dottie!)

A highly requested picture from Jayden's party. Jayden and his two buddies, sweet Jacob and Mia! Mia was too fascinated by Jayden to look at the camera!

Jayden isn't in this picture, but these two guys are two of my favorite people in all the world. Scot is on the left. He was my youth pastor growing up. And Jeff is the other one...we've been friends for a long, long time! Oh and the sweet little munchkin? That's Scot's daughter, Emma. We love her!