Friday, October 26, 2007

Jayden took his first plane flight last weekend! And his second, but that was to come home. The occasion you ask? We went to Walnut Creek to see Ryan, Brenda, Noah, and soon to be born Zachariah!! It was also Noah's 2nd birthday. Such a big boy! : )
Here's a cute one of Ryan and Jayden (note: Ryan's shirt says "Who's Your Daddy?" and Jayden's says "Y is for Yo Mama!"...this is what inspired the pictures!).

Here's one of the birthday boy with his super cool new train set!!!
And one of just the birthday boy!

And one of jayden and daddy at the party!

And a weird one of Ryan that for some reason makes me smile!!

Here are some of Jayden at home last week.

Hatching his master plan for world domination

Jayden says, "I'm teething...I'll bite on anything...even Mommy's hand!"
And two more cute blurry ones!

Monday, October 15, 2007

ANOTHER post...but the pics are just too cute!! :)

So we took some pics of Mommy and Jayden, since we have...well not a lot. :) These are some good ones...and here's a couple videos of Daddy and Mommy making Jayden laugh. It might just melt your heart. :)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

not for the faint of heart

Ok so I got a lot of comments from people saying the spit-up picture back in July made them sick..if you were one of those people, don't watch this video!! But if you weren't, check it out. It makes me laugh out loud every time!

Friday, October 12, 2007

sitting up...kinda... :)

So..Jayden is sitting up!!! Not for very long and not very well but he can do check out the video and the picture. In other news, he has started napping in his crib. This is HUGE progress. And he put himself to sleep last night in his crib for the first time!! AND he's getting his first lots of stuff going on here at the Stephens house! We love you all. Thanks for reading and checking in with us and our little man!