Friday, December 24, 2010

home, graduation, Christmas, etc

Well we are home from Scotland. We arrived home a week ago and have been busy recovering from jet lag, unpacking (kind of), and busily preparing for Christmas. The other highlight was Dan's graduation a short 36 hours after arriving home. It was awesome to see him walk across that stage. It will be even more awesome when he finishes his final assignments and turns them in January 15th!

So, because its Christmas Eve and things are crazy, I'll leave you with a couple shots of him in his cap and gown!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Pictures!!

We shot our Christmas card picture this past weekend- out in the snow. That was definitely a first for us! :) Here are some of our rejects..and no, I’m not going to reveal the final pick. You’ll just have to watch your mailbox. And watch it really close to Christmas, as they won’t get mailed till we’re home in a week. Hee hee.

reject6 reject1 reject2 reject3 reject4 reject5

My sneaky sister in law, I didn’t know she was shooting this one of me and Jayden! He doesn’t look very happy. :)

We got a great one that I am quite excited about. Thanks so much, Andrea, for shooting them for us!! :)

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Out at the Beach

Let’s rewind a bit, back to early November. Cause I forgot to post these pics. Whoops. :) We headed out to the beach one day with Oma and Opa while they were here. This was in the time period not only known as B.T.S. (Before the Snow) but also B.T.B.C. (Before the Bitter Cold). walkingonthebeach beach beautifulJayden eliandopaonbeach happyEli onhillatbeach pickinguprocks throwingrocks viewfrompark
Beautiful place we live, eh? Well, place we live for one more week. Its true, we leave one week from tomorrow. Hard to believe. Its gone so quickly and so slowly all at once. We are so excited for home, but also so sad to say goodbye to friends here…and of course to Sam, Andrea, and the kids. Gut wrenching would be an appropriate word for how hard it will be to bid this time with them farewell. To say its been precious would be an understatement. A large understatement.

A Trip to the Farm

There’s a farm nearby our house here that sells carrots, potatoes, eggs, and parsnip. All fresh from their farm. And for dirt cheap!!
DSC_3431 DSC_3440
We took a walk out that way with the boys one day recently, before the snow came (in the time period known as B.T.S.- BEFORE THE SNOW).
DSC_3434 tractor at farm apples DSC_3432
The carrots are HUGE and we actually just ate our last one tonight from this trip. YUM.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


We’ve been having some serious now here. Jayden’s been off school all week, buses have been sketchy, and we’ve generally been stuck inside quite a bit. Today we took the boys out to play when the snow had stopped falling for a bit. :)

check it out.

boys running in snow

thumbsupdude elicuteinsnow elilayinginsnow elisittinginsnow elisnow elisnow2 elisnow3 jayden1snow jayden2snow jayden3snow jayden4snow jayden5snow jaydeninsnow playinginsnow snowmanandeli throwingsnow

Our house is above the “Something Different” place.


Here’s our driveway, which for us is more of a walkway. Since we don’t have a car here and all and, sadly, the bus won’t pull all the way in there to drop us off!! :)


And a couple artsy shots from the park.

trees benchandtrees

Hopefully the snow will be calming down tomorrow!!!