Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dan is 30!!! And he graduated! time to PARTY!!!

So Dan finally crossed over to the dark side and turned 30!! Since he also recently finished school and graduated, we decided to have a big shindig! A grand time was had by all, and so now I will post a million pictures for you to see!!

Here's the birthday boy blowing out his candles!! :)

 Tracey and Brian. L.O.V.E. them!!!!!!!!!!!
 Dan's parents with his aunt and uncle. Fun!

 Jillian, Westin, Cameron, and Suzy. YAY!!!! It had been WAY too long since we'd hugged them!!
 Dan with Mike, one of the wisest men I have EVER had the privilege of knowing!
 One of my oldest (in the sense I've known him a long time...although he IS older than me!) friends, Cardamon, with his sweet daughter Della!
 My aunt Ann and uncle Dave. They are VERY dear to me!!
 Pizza time!
 Steph, Meredith, and Cloe!!
 Stephen, Judy, and baby Elijah!! Can't WAIT to meet him!!
 Sister-in-laws!! :)
 Bestest buddies!!!
 Jeff, Jeff, Jeff....I've now known him more than my life! When it comes to people dear and special to us, he's near the top of the list! We love you, Senor Jeffe!!!
 Cardamon again. FUN!
 Lilly and Lilia. Grandma and granddaughter. Precious.
 Jeff again (he has a hard time keeping his eyes open in pictures)
 Jon and Laura. Jon is our tallest friend!! :)
 Cardamon, who apparently was VERY well photographed at the party! And this is his beautiful wife Lisa!
 The Lanes. Avery wasn't too excited about having his picture taken. Jayden was trying to get him to look at him!
 My mom and dad. Are they AWESOME or what? And so cute after almost 47(!) years of marriage!!
 This is Joe and Stephanie with Dan. I had not met them before they came to the party. Dan knows them from his Canadian days. Fun!
 My crazy brother with my mom. Couldn't love them more.
 This is Jake. ADORABLE. He is one day older than Jayden and lives next door. And we love him. :)
 Kent and Dan. Kent is the pastor of our church. Awesome.
 The aforementioned Stephen, Judy, and Elijah!
 This was the sign in table before everyone arrived!
 The birthday cake...
 His graduation cake. Its a mortar board.
 Me, Jen, and Lisa. Long time friends, old time classmates.
 Meredith and Cloe, looking like sisters, even though there's no relation!
 Chatting in the living room.
 Jon and Laura again!
 The kids enjoying the outside!

Go, Avery, go!!

 You go go go too Jayden!!
 Eli at a full-tilt run.
 Dave and Ann again. :)
 Eli was SO tired by the end!
 Bill and Karen...so precious to us!!!
 Crazy Jayden!

 Eli with a cookie. Too cute.
 Roger, Bob, Marilyn, and Gayle. FUN.

 Tim, Lilly, and Lilia. Some of our favorite people in all the world.
 Us and Jen. Big love here.

 Eli again. Cause I like him.

 Jayden ate and ate and ate. And after his yucky stomach flu, its good to see.

And that's all she wrote!! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. 

Happy birthday, honey!! And congratulations. I love you!!!!


Brother's Tattoo said...

Whoa- what a party! I'm sooo sorry I missed it- hmm.. how to make it up?

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